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 You'll have to read to find out!

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-SoF-heRo [DarK.4]
-SoF-heRo [DarK.4]

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You'll have to read to find out! Empty
PostSubject: You'll have to read to find out!   You'll have to read to find out! EmptyMon 30 Jun - 15:14

Have you ever wanted to drive a pelican? Blast your friends away from the driver seat of a wraith? Carry your friends to victory with a pelican? Now you can! After my first successful PMI (not sure what it stands for) you can do all those things! I put a drivable pelican and a wraith that shoots in Death Island! If you want to use these vehicles, you must do something first. Before you download, you need to do this. Go to the default Halo directory (unless you moved it) which is Local Disk>Program Files>Microsoft Games>Halo. Now, your going to want to create a folder called BACKUPS. Then, your going to copy all the things in the MAPS folder and past it in the BACKUPS folder. COPY do NOT cut and paste, copy and paste. Then, your going to download the map, and overwrite your original deathisland map by putting it in the MAPS folder (it should ask to overwrite). I will say this again, BACKUP ALL YOUR MAPS. I say this because if you ever want the original deathisland back (you will sometime) then you can take the from the BACKUPS folder and copy it to the MAPS folder so you have a fresh map, un-modded and all. The link below is the modded map, but to download you need this password "sofhero" without quotes.
Download It

NOTE: If we all have this map, we can all play on it, but if you dont have the map and try to join you will get a Gathering Exception Data popup that closes Halo. Therefore, if you are hosting this map, other players who join who do not have the map will automaticlly quit from the Gathering Exception Data popup. --- On another note, to download click Free and it will ask for password, then start.
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You'll have to read to find out!
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