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 Sniper/Driving tryouts

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PostSubject: Sniper/Driving tryouts   Wed 11 Jun - 10:13

Thank you all for telling your strengths and weaknesses. It seems that shadow wolf, hero, and keelwar are our snipers. Kwar, shadwolf and hero i need ur xfires. Add me mine is Sparta507. I will tell you how u will tryout. I also see that Zombie, Shadow Wolf, Rogue, and Vortex are good drivers. My Xfire is Sparta507. Add me so we can talk about how u will tryout.

I know that the above 7 ppl are good at other things 2. So tell me if u'd rather tryout for something else.

SOF ANGER. Add me to ur xfire as well. I c u like a variety of things. Tell me what u would like to tryout for. Xfire=sparta507


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PostSubject: Re: Sniper/Driving tryouts   Sun 15 Jun - 11:56

i dont have xfire. sorry i cant get it. You can message me on yahoo messanger though, i use that alo to talk to friends.
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Sniper/Driving tryouts
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